My Boyfriend Doesn't Tell Me That He Loves Me?

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Tell Me That He Loves Me?



There’s something I need your advice on, if you don’t mind?

I’m in a relationship with a boy, and we’ve been together through some of the most difficult times in our life, and we love each other an awful lot. It’s just that lately he seems less interested in me than he used to be. He used to tell me “I love you”, every single day, but now it seems like he only says it ever 3 or 4 days instead.

Please, please help me with this! I mean I really do love him, so if you can just give me advice or some steps so that I can get him back to the way he was before. We’re still in a relationship with each other, but I want to make our relationship the best it possibly can be, so any guidance you can offer here would really be appreciated.

I want to stay with him forever, to have him love me more and more each day.

Please help me – I really need your help here!



Hi Henna,

It’s hard to gauge why your boyfriend is acting this way without knowing more about your relationship with him and what age you both are. The fact that you referred to him as a “boy” makes me assume that you’re both quite young – probably between the ages of 16 and 20?

If that’s the case then what’s happening right now is that you’re seeing your relationship with him change because you’re both growing up a little bit. Being together through any difficult situation should bond you together instead of driving you apart, but that’s obviously not what’s happening here.

You see what typically happens is that what people want and need from a relationship changes massively as they get older – people just have different goals, dreams and desires. That’s all part of becoming “yourself” in your adult life.

Now the flipside of that coin is that just because he’s not telling you that he loves you every single day doesn’t actually mean that he doesn’t love you – he might just have gotten a bit “lazy” in showing you that he cares. This happens in every relationship though, so it’s not necessarily something you need to panic about – it could be just a phase he’s going through.

There are no “secret steps” to having a successful relationship, because every single person on this planet (and their relationships) is a little bit different. This means I can’t give you the exact steps you need to make your relationship work the way you want it to – the only person who can potentially fix your relationship is you.

Sit down and talk to your boyfriend about how you’re feeling, and that you’re worried that he might not be interested in you as he used to be. You can’t make him feel a certain way about you Henna, but you can definitely ask him how he feels to his face. At least this way you’re not trying to guess what’s going on, which is all you’re doing right now.

Like I said this might be just some weird “phase” he’s going through, but the only way you’ll know for sure is to ask him.

Best of luck!


  • Henna says:

    Umm.. Thanks A lot Marlon !

    I asked him and he said that ” Henna I love you more than you do
    it’s just i don’t get time these days. ”

    So what should I do ?
    Maybe I should get little busy with my life right?

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