I Think I Like A Guy In My School | Relationship Q&A

I Think I Like A Guy In My School



There’s this guy in my class who was really into this girl and last year in school he found out that she doesn’t really like him in that way. Then a few months later me and this guy were reading something for class together when we dropped the book. We both caught it at the same time and he said “We make a good team” while staring into my eyes and smiling. I don’t know what that means though?

So just two days into the current school year he found a piece of paper somewhere in the school which just said “I love you. Love mommy and daddy”. He slid this piece of paper into the vent of my lock. I asked my locker neighbor who put the paper there and she said it was this guy.

Later he came up to me and said that the piece of paper was a joke, and that my locker neighbor was part of the prank. I hit her arm because I thought she was part of it and then she told me it was only this other guy who did it.

What I’ve noticed as well is that for the last 2 years every time this guy sees me in the hall he’ll stare at me for a second and then smile and said “Hi!” I just say “Hi” back to him and walk to my next class.

I do like this guy a lot, but I don’t know what to do. What’s going on with this odd relationship between us?



Hi Olivia,

This is a very straightforward case of this guy being attracted to you but not having any idea how to take the next step. The slip of paper left in your locker was a bit odd, especially because it said “I love you. Love mommy and daddy”, but maybe he thought it was cute and you might laugh at it. I’m also a little concerned that he said this other girl was involved when she wasn’t. Then again he’s probably terrified to admit that he played the prank on you himself.

Beside that he’s giving you all the signals that he likes you back as much as you like him, but because he’s been rejected once already he’s going to be very reluctant to take the chance on telling another girl how he feels about her. There’s also the fact that you’re both obviously teenagers, which is one of the single most awkward times of any person’s life – you’re trying to figure out who you are as a person, what you want from life and then how you feel about members of the opposite/same sex.

If you’re wondering whether or not this guy likes you I would be quietly confident in saying that he absolutely does. The eye contact every day and the fact that he thinks that you’d “make a good team”, would say to me that he already views you as somebody he’d very much like to have as his girlfriend.

He makes the effort to say “Hi” to you every day in school, so the next time that happens why not stop and ask him how he is, what classes he has next or something else to break the ice. He’s obviously very shy too, so be patient and take your time. When you’re a teenager there’s no rush to fall in love, so enjoy growing up and “falling” for guys – it’s the most natural thing in the world 🙂