I Cheated On My Boyfriend Twice But I Still Love Him!

I Cheated On My Boyfriend Twice But I Still Love Him!


Me and my boyfriend were in a relationship for 7 months and we really did love each other a lot. For 1 or 2 months our relationship didn’t run so smoothly and during that time I did cheat on him. I had no intention of doing that and I don’t even know why I did because I really love him and I can’t stand seeing him hurt.

Recently I had a sex chat with a boy over Facebook and my boyfriend found out about it. Now he says he doesn’t want to be with me but he does still love me.

So please tell me how I can make him believe me that I won’t do this kind of thing again and that I’m really sorry for what I did!

I just want him back so please, please help me. Or should I leave all this and commit suicide?




The first thing I need to mention here is that anyone threatening to commit suicide online can be reported to the police authorities for their own safety. If you are genuinely having suicidal thoughts you need to speak to your parents, guardian or friends immediately.

I’m assuming that your mentioning suicide is just a cry for help and to draw attention to yourself however.

Here’s the facts: You cheated on your boyfriend once in real life and once on Facebook. If you truly loved the guy you wouldn’t cheat on him once, never mind twice.

Before you start trying to convince your boyfriend that you still love him, and to give you a second chance, you need to be looking at the reasons why you cheated on him in the first place. This is a really great opportunity for you to learn more about yourself and what you want from life and from a relationship.

Once you have the answer to why you cheated on your boyfriend (and there’s always a reason) then you can think about how you can not just tell him that you’ve changed but SHOW him that you’ve changed.

People can always change if they really, really want to and put in the hard work to make that happen 🙂