How Do I Win My WhatsApp Guy Back? | Relationship Q&A

How Do I Win My WhatsApp Guy Back?



I came across your YouTube videos on how to get your ex back and I was wondering if you can help me get my guy back? He was taking some university exams recently and said he needed space to study, so we didn’t see each other that entire week. That Saturday he contacted me on WhatsApp and I suggested we could go shopping for stuff and meet up when he has more free time – which he agreed to.

Now I’m at that painful stage of not seeing him for 2 – 3 weeks during his exams, and that will probably include not seeing him during his birthday. To be honest there are a few issues between us and I can get jealous of other girls, even going as far as suspecting that he’s cheating with other girls on WhatsApp. What’s bothering me is that he’s messaging me less often, and when we do actually talk we wind up arguing because we’re not seeing each other because of his exams and other commitments.

So my question is how am I going to get our relationship back on track after his exams? Plus I’m wondering during this time can I still WhatsApp him instead of calling him? What do I even say to him – things are pretty rocky between us, so I don’t want to make things worse? He can have a bad temper at times which makes it more difficult to talk to him about us.

What’s also bothering me is that he’s been comparing me to other girls in his university classes and saying that I’m shorter than them, so I should wear heels and have laser treatment on my face to make my skin lighter. The fact that he talks to me like that and has lots of female friends in school makes me feel even more insecure. Oh and even when he’s with me he’s on WhatsApp every few minutes chatting to somebody, adding to my insecurity.

There are lots of other tiny issues going on in the background too, but I’d really like your advice on how to be attractive to him again, so that he thinks I’m “cute” and stops comparing me to the other girls in his class. I really want to make this relationship work, and I’m willing to make changes.

Any advice you can give me would help!



Hi Twinkle,

You’re dating an insincere, shallow jerk who also sounds like a cheat and a player i.e. he likes to do more than just flirt with women he doesn’t know. My heart is actually broken for you here because this “man” is slowly eroding your self-confidence and trying to make you into something you’re not. To be honest the fact that he suggested you have laser surgery to lighten your skin color is absolutely horrific – no man should ever say that to a woman and especially not to a woman he’s meant to love.

The reason he’s saying all this stuff though is because he obviously thinks he’s some kind of Mr. Perfect or Adonis, and that you’re “just a woman”, so he can behave whatever way he likes around you.

You’re asking me for advice on how to get your ex back Twinkle, but to be blunt you need to walk away from this guy and forget you ever knew him. He’s a misogynist, a player and an idiot and doesn’t deserve you.

Oh and the split second you stop chasing him, calling him and sending him WhatsApp messages he’ll come rushing back to find out what’s wrong with you, but I still wouldn’t waste any time on him.

Some guys are jerks Twinkle and your guy is one of them, so I’d suggest investing your time and effort into finding a guy who treats you well and who loves you for who you are – not who or what he wants you to be.