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How Do I Make My Affair Work?


I’m a married man who’s having an affair with a married woman, although this is her first time having an affair. We’ve very close and we’ve both agreed that we’re in love with each other. The problem for me is that she’s a little bit conservative, so one day she’ll kiss me and other days she’ll feel guilty and start crying. It actually takes an argument for us to get back together and even then she’s not crazy about kissing me, although she does allow me to accidentally touch her breasts, etc.

I’m a bit confused about what she really wants from me – can you give me some advice on this and your opinion too please?

I would really appreciate any advice you can give me here.

Thank you



Hi Chizal,

Thanks for writing in. Well you asked me to give you some advice and my opinion on this and it’s really simple: Stop having affairs. This is the first affair this woman has had but it’s obviously not your first by the sounds of it, so she has every reason to feel guilty because she’s still married.

However your only interest is around how to get her into bed and get what you want from her, with no feelings of guilt at all!? This column is for relationship advice, and not how to psychologically manipulate women!

“What she really wants” is obviously not to be caught up in a sordid affair with you, so why not grow a pair, let her go and try to work out your own marriage too?

If you’re in an unhappy marriage then get a divorce or separation and get out of it, but stop messing up other women’s lives because you’re not brave enough to do what needs to be done in your own life.

That might seem like harsh advice but you know it’s the truth.


  • Leva says:

    Hi chizal,
    Regarding an affair, obviously whilst you are out and about and enjoying yourself with the woman who basically cannot be arsed to kiss you! your poor wife will be at home only wondering what you are doing. My advice is …
    Go home tell your wife, you don’t want to be with her as you stated you are in love with someone else, leave the wife with the house, grow a pair of balls, pay the mortgage and child support if you have kids and then ask the woman who are having the affair with of you really are as appealing being single as what you was as a married man. As for her feeling guilty, stand her in front of your wife and get this woman to tell your wife she’s in love with you. Thing is I bet she don’t, so go home work on your marriage and keep your dick in your trousers.
    Have a nice day .

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