God Has Told My Man To Be Unfaithful To Me?

God Has Told My Man To Be Unfaithful To Me?


If a man has demonstrated the 5 – 7 signs which would clearly show he’s in love with a woman but he’s also made it clear he probably can’t stay faithful to one woman, what would you say if God calls for him to be with other lovers?? Should a woman continue to believe this man’s love is true and try to make the relationship work?



Hi Sandra,

There are some religions which support polygamy (multiple marriages), so if your guy is a member of one of these religions he has the “religious right” to have multiple wives or partners. Now my problem with the fact that your boyfriend is using God as an excuse for him unfaithful is a pile of crap to be blunt. Whatever type of God you want to believe in there are some core principles with each of them, and some of the main principles are not knowingly causing harm to others, and not telling lies.

From my point of view your boyfriend is both a liar and a coward, and instead of simply admitting to you that he can’t stay faithful he’s hiding behind “God” to make his cheating ok.

Dump him and move on – there are far better, more honest and more loyal men out there for you. You might think your current boyfriend loves you but he’s certainly not acting like it.


  • sandra says:

    thanks. I’ve expressed this matter as you’ve explained ( not in your words) to him numerous times. Your answer serves as a confirmation that I’ve not lost my mind…nor my heart. Good new year to you.

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