Does My Bus Driver Guy Like Me? | Relationship Q&A

Does My Bus Driver Guy Like Me?



I’ve found myself interested in a guy – he actually drives my kid’s school bus. When I heard recently that he was single I gave him a letter asking if he wanted to be friends. After that I asked if I could give him a call and he said “Yes” but he never actually answers his cell phone, plus he never returns my calls.

So should I keep trying or move on?



Hi Penny,

There are times when we simply have to accept that some aspect of our life is not quite working out as we might have hoped and simply move on. Sadly this bus driver – despite the fact that you genuinely like him – isn’t even returning the courtesy of a phone call. For me returning a phone call is simply a matter of good manners, so the fact that this guy hasn’t returned your phone calls doesn’t say a lot of good things about him does it? In fact if that’s how he treats his friends do you really want to be more than friends with him?

Unfortunately I can only suggest that you move on and find somebody who’s willing to return love you show them.

There is somebody out there for you Penny – it’s just a matter of finding the right one!