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Welcome to the Q&A section of the site where you can send in your relationship questions and I post answers to as many as I can, sharing my own experiences and knowledge of relationships with everyone here. This section of the site has grown from the number of emails I answer for readers on an almost daily basis, so I decided to share that same information with you here – with the permission of everyone involved.

​Before we go any further though I just want to cover some basic “rules” for how this part of the site should be used. Please read the “rules” carefully though because I want everyone to be really clear how the Q&A section of the site works, and how using it properly will benefit everyone involved.

  1. ​If you have a relationship question please use the question form below and I’ll email you an answer as soon as is humanly possible. Please bear in mind that I run this site pretty much on my own, so it can take me a week or two to reply to questions if I’m really busy. On the other hand if you need an urgent answer please state that in the question itself and I’ll try to get back to you sooner.
  2. By sending me the question in the question form you’re giving me permission to publish your question, and my reply to it, here on the blog, but only using your first name, or if you used a pen name I’ll use that instead.
  3. Your question probably won’t be answered if somebody else has already asked the same question, or a very similar question, in the last few weeks or months. This section of the site can be a hugely helpful resource for you if you take the time to check through the answers archived here. There’s very little point in me answering the exact same relationship questions over and over again – plus it’ll be boring for you to read them.
  4. Please, please, please don’t leave a question in the comments section instead of using the question form – I won’t answer any questions which have been deliberately left as a comment instead of e-mailed to me via the question form.
  5. If you have something helpful and constructive to add to any answer I provide here then please do leave a comment adding your own thoughts or related experiences – I LOVE hearing from other people reading the blog but please keep your comments to the point and focus on helping the other person as much as you can.
  6. This is a resource for everyone reading this blog to use, benefit from and even enjoy, so let’s do our best to respect each other’s opinions, help each other out and basically add some good to the world.
  7. Anyone being abusive, hateful, threatening or basically being an ass will wind up getting deleted, blocked and banned.

So if you have a relationship or romance question that’s been driving you crazy why not get in touch today and I’ll reply as soon as I possibly can

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