Tips For Writing Long Distance Love Letters

Long distance love lettersAnyone reading this who is more than 30 years old will remember a time when sending a love letter to somebody wasn’t weird or old school but was literally the only way you could communicate with them because not every house, apartment or dorm had its own telephone. Yup, really! Younger people reading this probably can’t remember a time when they didn’t have Internet access of some kind, but there are plenty of us who remember the days before the Internet even existed!

Now that’s kinda beside the point because the Internet does exist and so do Skype, Viber, Google Talk, web cams, telepresence and a million other ways of communicating electronically. The one thing about these forms of communication is that there’s no real “record” of them because they only exist as 1s and 0s in cyberspace, and once they’re gone they’re gone forever. That’s why writing love letters to somebody you’re in a long distance relationship with is so important – they provide you with a permanent record of your feelings for each other and your life in general.

There’s probably more than a few people reading this who think that writing a “love letter” is all about expressing your undying love for your partner/spouse, and how you can’t ever face living without them, and while this might be how you feel that’s not what every one of these letters needs to be about. In fact most of the stuff people write in love letters is pretty mundane, like what they did during the week, an argument you had in work, a funny movie you saw, your favorite MP3 and other day-to-day stuff.

Does that seem like a boring idea? The only reason you think that is because writing letters like this has become something of a lost art – most people have never written a single letter in their entire lives that didn’t involve the use of a keyboard! And that’s exactly where the magic of writing letters to each other during any long distance relationship is. I’ve written about this in other articles on the topic of long distance relationships but I’m going to repeat myself again here: Writing a person a love letter is one of the most romantic and unexpected things you can do for your partner – it will be something they treasure forever.

Illustration of a feather pen, ink bottle, and paper for writing old fashioned love letters

Just pick up a pen, and start writing!

You know all those chick-flick movies about people looking back on their lives and how they met…isn’t there always a box of letters involved at some point? They sit there wistfully reading them and remembering when they first met and then fell in love with their husband or wife. Writing a love letter gives you the exact same way of creating a permanent record of how your relationship started, grew and then developed with your partner, and if you’re really lucky you’ll get to share these same letters with your own kids or grandkids when the time is right.

One of the ideas I’ve seen people use when writing love letters is to use another persona when you’re writing them – one guy I know used to pretend he had an evil twin who was trying to win his girlfriend away from him, so he used to write his girlfriend letters from both himself and his “evil twin” at the same time. From what he told me about it she thought it was hilariously funny and very thoughtful of him to do that, plus it kept their love alive even when they were thousands of miles apart.

So when is the last time you wrote a love letter? Or have you ever? Would you like more tips on the best ways to write one? Let me know with a comment below please 🙂