Problems In A Long Distance Relationship - The Typical Ones

The Typical Problems You’ll Have In A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship problemsWhen you see long distance relationships in Hollywood movies they always work out, nobody ever cheats and they also have unlimited finances allowing them to just fly across the country to see their beau whenever it suits them. That’s not how long distance relationships work in real life – in fact it’s usually the exact opposite. The reality is that having a long distance relationship takes more work and commitment to each other than if you were living just a few minutes apart. So if anyone tells you that long distance relationships are easy then they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Now that’s not to say that having a healthy and success long distance relationship is impossible – there are literally millions of people all over the world in healthy, well-adjusted long distance relationships right now that would disagree with the idea that they can’t work.

So let’s take a look at the most common problems you’ll encounter in any long distance relationship and what you can do about them.

3 Common Long Distance Relationship Problems

Lack Of Trust

The vast majority of long distance relationships will perish on the rocks of jealousy and insecurity, at least they will if there’s an almost total lack of communication between both people. Jealousy is an entirely natural emotion, but if you give it space and time to fester it can turn into ugly and uncontrollable paranoia. Basically if you’re trying to ring/text/Facebook your girlfriend/boyfriend for days a time and there’s no reply from them then insecurity settles in, and so does doubt. The easiest way to build trust is to act in a way that allows your partner to trust you – if you’re behaving in any other way then don’t be surprised if they feel they can’t trust you and start questioning your motives and your loyalty.

Lack of Physical Contact

It’s very, very difficult to want to hold somebody you love and know that you can’t do that for another few days or weeks – it’s absolutely infuriating and can leave both people feeling pretty lonely. Although it might be impossible to have actual physical contact with each other you can still use a number of different ways to simulate this contact, and to get the physical pleasure you both crave. Having phone sex, cam sex or even just sexting is one way to turn each other on, but if you’d prefer something more “personal” you can have latex moulds made of your more intimate body parts and have them shipped to your boyfriend/girlfriend. Whatever you do just make sure you’re experimenting sexually with each other!Funny illustration of a hotline phone character

Future Talking

Some people spend so much time talking about the future of your lives together they completely ignore the important stuff that’s happening right now. This doesn’t make them a bad choice for a partner but you will need to remind them that what’s happening, or not, in your relationship today is far, far more important than what might happen in 3 or 5 years time. When you can’t see the person you love face-to-face it’s all too easy to start dreaming about your future together while ignoring the present – which can actually drive you apart unless you’re careful.

There are obviously dozens of other problems you might have in any long distance relationship but I wanted to just focus on the most common ones first. If you have suggestions for other long distance relationship problems you’d like me to provide a solution for then just let me know in a comment below!