Things To Do In A Long Distance Relationship

Things To Do In A Long Distance Relationship

things to do in a long distance relationshipHow often have you wound up being bored when you’re in a relationship because there weren’t enough to do where you live? Well people in long distance relationships can experience that same problem, but boredom isn’t something that you can let settle into this type of relationship – you have to be able to keep it fresh and interesting for everyone involved.

The good news here though is that because both partners are focused on doing interesting things together, and enjoying every moment of that time, that the relationship is actively being worked on an almost daily basis. When you compare this then to people who are living closer to each other they feel they don’t have to put in any real work because the other person is always just a phone call or a short drive away when they want to see them.

The reality is that couples in long distance relationships have to put real thought into activities they can do together, but here are some of my own ideas for things you can do in a long distance relationship which are fun, cute and even sweet.

4 Cute Things To Do In A Long Distance Relationship

Virtual Dates

You’d probably love to spend all day together in a museum or touring some kind of special exhibit, and now thanks to a wide number of virtual tour sites you can. In fact you can tour U-Boats, Dinosaur exhibits, an ancient Roman villa or even the Smithsonian! So you could make a packed lunch each, start up the tour, get on Skype and take in all the amazing sights of some of the most stunning exhibits around the world, and all without leaving your home.

Virtual Vacation

Virtual vacation

Take a virtual vacation.

You can take the virtual tour a step further by going on a virtual vacation together using just Google Maps and Google Earth. In fact just using Street View in Google Maps is enough to give you a real sense of what cities all over the world are really like. And you could make it a truly virtual experience by “Google Walking” to The Louvre in Paris and then “stepping” inside thanks to their virtual tour. You could also buy some pain au chocolate, croissants, and espresso coffee to have for lunch. That way you can not only simulate the sights and sounds of The Louvre but the smells and flavors too.

Romantic Jigsaw

Following on from the idea of going on a virtual holiday together you could also take a favorite holiday photo of you both (you could both choose a different one) and have it turned into a jigsaw. Then when you’re sending each other your weekly, fortnightly or monthly love letter you can include a few pieces of the jigsaw with the letter itself. Isn’t that just one of the most romantic ideas you’ve ever heard – talk about a keepsake that you can hand down to your grandkids!

Cook Together

Why not agree on a meal you both enjoy, buy the ingredients and then cook together over a Skype video chat? Because you’re both preparing and eating the exact same meal it will make you feel that little bit closer to each other than you might have thought possible by having a Skype dinner date together.

What things do you do to keep your own long distance relationship fresh and interesting? Why not share them with everyone by leaving a comment below?