Managing A Long Distance Relationship In College

Managing A Long Distance Relationship In College

Long distance relationship in collegeBefore I get into the advice section of this article I want to cover some numbers first – these are to illustrate that long distance relationships are not only pretty common but are becoming more and more common each day. Let’s start with the statistics that over 30% of all college relationships are long distance and that 75% of all surveyed couples who are currently engaged were in a long distance relationship together in the past.

That basically means that although long distance relationships are far from ideal they’re a fact of life for millions of people all over the world, especially people in college.

But why would such a large percentage of college relationships be long distance – after all aren’t your college years when you’re meant to go and sow your wild oats, party, date tons of people and just have fun? Well for lots of students this is the case, but not everyone wants to just end their high school relationship because of distance, especially if they’ve already been dating their high school sweetheart for several years. Why would you break up with somebody you love in the hopes of finding somebody who might possibly be as compatible with you as the person you just dumped? That’s crazy talk!!

4 Tips On How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship In College

So what tips can I give you for how you can maintain a long distance relationship while you’re both in college?

Be Present

College couple in a long distance relationship chatting over the internetUnless you want your partner to take you for granted then don’t take them for granted. Being present is about listening to your boyfriend or girlfriend and understanding how they’re feeling, and making sure you’re doing what you can for them to make the distance seem smaller. Obviously it’s not entirely up to you to be present, and it’s something that both of you can benefit from. Basically being present means that when you’re together/on the phone/IM’ing shut out all other distractions in a literal and metaphorical way – make it just about the two of you.

Write Letters

It might seem a bit antiquated but writing good old snail mail letters to each other is a really good way to build an even stronger bond between you, plus it has the added benefit of dramatically improving your penmanship! You’ll be amazed at just how much value you place on those old college love letters in the months and years ahead – you have my word!

Use Technology

We live in a world that thrives on connectivity, so you have dozens of methods and opportunities for staying in touch with your girlfriend/boyfriend each day. Just make sure that you don’t smother them with affection by contacting them every 10 minutes to tell them that you love and miss them – that will get old very fast!

Illustration of a red heart with a USB cable

Use modern technology to stay in touch while you are in college.

Visit Often

Traveling is time consuming and expensive but that’s no excuse for not doing it as often as you can afford. Statistically speaking the average amount of time college students in long distance relationships spend apart is about 4 – 6 weeks. Visiting each other on a weekly basis would probably be stressful for you both, so an average of once every 2 weeks would be ideal if you can afford it. If not then don’t let it go any longer than 6 weeks without visiting each other, unless you both live in different countries for some reason.

Do long distance relationships work in college? Of course they do – just like any other long distance relationship can. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that you need to work at it!

How did you survive your own long distance college relationship – what worked and what didn’t?