Some Interesting Long Distance Relationship Statistics

Long distance relationship statisticsMost people in long distance relationships tend to feel like they’re the only person they know who’s currently in this type of relationship, but truth is stranger than fiction folks. Because I’ve been in a few long distancers myself in the past I decided to dig down and find some relationship statistics on this – just my way of checking if being in a long distance relationship is the exception rather than the rule in our modern world.

I think you’re going to enjoy some of the statistical gems I came across when doing my research on long distance relationship:

  • There are at least 14 million people in the United States alone who class themselves as being in long distance relationships, which is a pretty large part of the population as a whole. The reality though is that this figure is probably more like 18 million because most of these surveys tend to round figures downwards instead of upwards. Plus if you expand this calculation to a global level it means there are several hundred million other human beings on this planet right now who are in the same type of relationship as you.
  • A whopping 30% of all college relationships are long distance, but again I’m assuming the real figure is actually more like 40% based on numbers being misreported and people simply declining to answer. For anyone dating somebody in high school right now this means there’s an almost 50% chance that your romance is going to be long distance one whether you like it or not.

Infographic LDR

  • Oddly enough the average distance between couples who are in long distance relationships is just 125 miles, which for me isn’t really a long distance relationship – it’s a two hour drive. When I think “long distance” it’s more like “..hell no..that’s too far away to drive to in a single day”. Obviously if both people are working in full-time jobs then 125-miles is more like 1,250 miles, but I do personally know people who commute that distance (100+ miles) to work each day.
  • There are almost 4 million long distance marriages just in the United States alone! 4 million! That was probably the biggest shock for me in doing this research – there are that many long distance marriages that it has become part of the census statistics. Again some of these marriages might be separated by just over 100-miles, but others probably involve people living on opposite sides of the country. Still though…4 million people who are married but living apart on a full-time basis…it’s kinda weird but if it works hey who am I to question it?
  • Around 70% of long distance relationships fail when neither person has made any plans for sudden changes in their lives e.g. having to move farther away. Obviously if you’re reading this page it’s because you were looking for some information on the success rate of long distance relationships but don’t freak out at that 70% figure I just mentioned. That percentage is only based on the people they surveyed and might not take into account a whole host of other factors, like the fact there are 4 million people in long distance marriages for example!

So the net result of my research is that not only can long distance relationships work but they can grow to become long distance marriages too. This flies in the face of popular opinion when it comes to people assuming that a long distance relationship is a waste of time – statistically speaking they’re wrong!

What do you think of these statistics? Do you think they’re bang on the money or completely off? Let me know in a comment below.