Your Guide To Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Your Guide To Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Long distance relationship giftsGiving a person you’re in love with a gift always leaves both you and them with that warm fuzzy feeling inside, and this is an even more important feeling to share when dating over long distances. What I wanted to cover in this article are some of the gifts you can give each other when in a long distance relationship, varying from the romantic to the practical.

There are no “bests” when it comes to buying gifts for the person you love, and this is doubly true when they’re living so far away from you right now. Just remember that thoughtful gestures from the heart are worth 100x more than grand gestures done just because you wanted to show off to your boyfriend or girlfriend – the little things count so much more!

5 Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationship

The Anniversary

You’d be going straight to relationship hell if you forgot this one when dating a person living in the same city, but in a long distance relationship forgetting this is pretty much unforgivable. Some people think that anniversary gifts need to be hugely expensive, or hugely impressive but nothing could be further form the truth. Doing something as simple as recreating the night you first met, or your first proper date together will mean so much more to your partner. Whatever you do just make absolutely 100% certain you do not forget your anniversary in any long distance relationship!


This is one of those times when your loved one is probably missing you and their family quite a bit, so you need to make their birthday and the gift 100% about them and to be as unselfish as you possibly can too. Obviously make sure that you time the delivery of this gift (if you’re not delivering it yourself) so that it reaches them on or before their birthday and not afterwards. Even the most forgiving boyfriend or girlfriend is going to have a hard time with a late birthday present.

A Taste Of Home

Even when you get the opportunity to study or work in a place you’ve dreamt of there are always sights and smells from home that you’ll miss quite a bit. If you’ve been dating this person for any length of time you should have a pretty good idea what they’d miss about home, and if not then ask their family or friends what their favorite snack is. Being able to drink a soda or eat a packet of chips from their hometown will put a huge smile on your partner’s face, plus you’ll have earned yourself some major Brownie points!Boy and girl feeling homesick

Practical Stuff

Do they need credit for their Skype account, or a long distance calling card to stay in touch? Is their old cell phone literally falling apart but they can’t afford a new one? Or would a web cam help you stay in touch better? Sometimes the practical gifts are the best ones, so bear that in mind before you go sending them another bunch of flowers or box of chocolates.

Romantic Stuff

For guys if you really, really want to make an impression on the girl you’re dating long distance then writer her a letter. Not an e-mail – an actual old-school letter with paper and pen. Remember it wasn’t that long ago when people have no choice but to communicate this way and there’s nothing quite like the anticipation of waiting for a handwritten letter in the post from that person you love.

Plus they’re like the best keepsake you could wish for – I still have a stack of old love letters from an ex girlfriend in a box here just because they mean too much to me to simply throw out. Obviously teddy bears, scented candles, Xbox games, etc are all good choices too but there’s no gift quite as romantic as a love letter – unless you can write poetry then you’re just hitting a home run every single time.

If you listen to your heart and take your partner’s feelings and needs into account then choosing the ideal long distance relationship present shouldn’t cause you any trouble at all!