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Welcome to the new section of my site dedicated to people who are in long distance relationships, or are considering being in one but need to make sure it can work out before they commit themselves. Being in a long distance relationship usually takes a lot more work than dating somebody who lives in the same town as you, although there are lots of advantages to having a long distance relationship too.

The biggest problem most people have with long distance relationships is that they're rarely something you choose - life usually chooses them for you instead. This is typically when the person you're in love with goes to college or moves to another town, and because you don't want to simply give up on the relationship you decide to have a long distance relationship instead.

Another more recent aspect to the big, wide world of long distance relationships is the fact that millions of people are now meeting their partners through online dating sites, and more often than not their new boyfriend or girlfriend is living in another city. So there are also people who are maintaining a long distance relationship who may have never met face-to-face! Not that there's anything wrong with this but it's now a part of modern life.

It's only at the point that you've decided to have a relationship of this type that you realize you know absolutely nothing about what makes a long distance relationship work, because nobody has put together a real or practical information guide on how you cope with dating a person you might only see every few weeks, or perhaps every few months instead. In fact this is the point where many of these relationships fail because the people involved in them have never learned any coping mechanisms for being able to love somebody they can't see on a daily basis.

This is the exact reason why I added this section to the site because I've had a lot of questions from visitors about dealing with long distance relations, and each of them wishing there was some kind of online long distance relationship survival guide that they could refer to on a regular basis. So in this part of the site I'll be dealing with a lot of the most common questions and problems that people in long distancers have to deal with on an almost daily basis.

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Obviously I'll also be offering my advice and tips on how to deal with a long distance relationship for both guys and girls, so nobody will feel left out. For women this means you're getting the unique perspective of what a man thinks it takes to keep a long distance relationship working, and for men you to get to learn what you need to do to keep the spark of romance alive when you're hundreds of miles away from the person you love.

The good news is that in my own life I've been in a number of long distance relationships in the past so I know how to be happy in this type of relationship, but also how to handle the breaking up part if and when that time comes. So you'll get to benefit from my own real-life experiences in dating over long distances when I was in college, and then on into my adult life too.

As I said earlier on most people focus on the negatives of a long distance relationship far more than the positive aspects of one, which is something I'll be explaining in a lot more detail over the coming weeks and months.

I love getting feedback from everyone reading this blog, so if there's any specific questions you have on long distance relationships please let me know!

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