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Girl Gets Ring Review

Girl Gets Ring

TV shows like “Sex and The City” would have you believe that the vast majority of women have no desire to ever settle down and get married. I think you’ll find several million women who’ll instantly disagree with that idea. While it’s true that women are marrying later (sometimes not at all) it’s kind of important to recognize that human beings are “designed” to live in communities like families and other social groupings. Humans just don’t do very well when trying to live and develop on their own. Even though they might disagree on the surface, the vast majority of women do want to be part of a happy and loving relationship and to eventually take the relationship to the next stage by getting married.

If you’ve found yourself dating one loser after another or just can’t seem to find a guy who’s interested in eventually getting married then you’re going to love the Girl Gets Ring system. This program goes into detail about exactly what you need to do to land yourself a boyfriend and eventually get him to propose to you – in the most natural and loving way.

About The Authors - Jonathan Green And T.W Jackson

There are actually two guys behind this eBook – Jonathan Green and T.W Jackson. T.W (T. Dub) Jackson might be a name you’re familiar with because he’s pretty famous for his "The Magic Of Making Up" product released several years ago now, that and the fact that this eBook sold over 50,000 copies.

T.W Jackson & Jeannie

T.W Jackson with his wife Jeannie

Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green

Jonathan Green, the man behind "Girlfriend In A Week", has also spent several years in the relationship/dating niche. He helped thousands of men find their ideal female companions and is now putting his skills to use in helping women do the exact same thing with men.

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What Do You Get In "Girl Gets Ring"?

One of the very first things you should know about this infoproduct is that it’s not about how to manipulate or deceiving a man into marrying you. Both authors know from their many years of experience in relationship coaching and counseling that manipulating anyone into doing anything usually ends in disaster. Instead what they’ve done here is to break down the entire process of not only how to find your ideal man but then how to get your boyfriend to propose to you – the single biggest relationship hurdle which most women encounter.

You see both T.W and Jonathan understand that most men are terrified of commitment and even more terrified of commitment to the “wrong” woman. The Girl Gets Ring system is designed to help women better understand what it takes to make their guy want to propose to them, with almost no effort on their part.

The Product Itself

GGR eBook

If you own products from either of these guys you'll know that they're all about delivering quality and lots of it and "Girl Gets Ring" is no different in that regard. There are 6 individual modules/chapters for you to read through and benefit from and these are as follows:

  1. Singledom - what kind of woman are you and how this affects your search for a man?
  2. Looking for love - the mental aspects of dating men
  3. Making first contact - what to say and do with guys you're interested in
  4. Dating and creating a strong bond - the same bond that will result in marriage
  5. Becoming a girlfriend - getting past the commitment phobia which men suffer from
  6. From girlfriend to fiancée - how to take that final step to wedded bells ringing

You also get a variety of really cool bonuses:

  • The 7 biggest mistakes women make when it comes to online dating
  • Clean Slate Method - how to handle apologies and conflict - when the woman is wrong
  • The 4 Masculine Hero Avatar Principles (MHAP) - the mental aspects of why men do such odd things in relationships - why are men "weird" (MP3)
  • Secrets To Long Distance Relationships - how to make a marriage-focused relationship even with distance in the way
  • From Conflict To Compassionate Communication - how to create a trusting relationship that doesn't result in a break-up during an argument (MP3)

It is a shame that the guys didn’t include at least some videos in this product though - even some “talking head” type videos can really help people relate to the message being shared. Apart from that the information provided is rock-solid.

GGR Complete Package


Overall "Girl Gets Ring" is a really insightful product which is ideal for any woman who's found herself struggling to find a guy worth being with and eventually worth marrying. If you want to learn about how to truly connect with a great guy and then take that connection to the next level, and get your boyfriend to propose faster, then "Girl Gets Ring" system might just be perfect for you.

Why not take that first step to wedded bliss right now?

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    I need advise on how to get my boyfriend to commit. He’s been hurt so many time so he’s really afraid to commit.

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