What To Say To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - Think Before Speaking!

What To Say To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Think Before Speaking!

What to say to get your ex girlfriend backSo your girlfriend has walked out on you for the last time and you’re sitting there wondering what to do next. After all she’d threatened to break up with you before but you never really thought she meant it.

Or maybe you’re doubly surprised because you didn’t think there was anything wrong in the first place and the breakup has come as a complete surprise to you?

The steps you take over the next few days and exactly what you say to your girlfriend are going to be the deciding factor in whether you get her back or not, so it’s important to take your time and think all of this out before acting.

3 Important Tips On What To Say To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Sob Stories

One of the very worst things to say to get your ex girlfriend back is to spin her some kind of sympathy story to make her feel sorry for you. This always come across as being very needy and you need to remember that even if your girlfriend did the breaking up she’s still going to be feeling pretty sensitive right now. So trying to make her feel bad for breaking up with you is a pretty dumb move; she’ll just resent you all the more for this. Plus pleading and whining isn’t a very manly thing to do is it?

Be Honest

What most women don’t realize is that guys are brought up to believe that men shouldn’t cry and that showing any sign of emotion is a sign of weakness and this is why you might struggle to get your guy to admit how he’s feeling. For any guys reading this it’s important to realize that putting up some macho front and using cheap lines isn’t what to say to your girlfriend to get her back, plus she’s probably heard all those lines before from you or other guys.

A man with a cloud above his head with his ex girlfriend in it and thinking how to be honest with her

Be honest with her and tell her like it is.

For once try being honest with her and telling her exactly how important she is to you and drop all the macho BS that you might be tempted to use. You see as much as a woman loves a guy to be a real man there’s nothing will soften her heart more than to see you wearing your heart on your sleeve when you’re talking to her about the breakup, what went wrong and how you might fix it.

Focus On The Positive

It’s always important that you allow a few days to pass by before you even attempt to talk to your ex about any possibility of getting back together. The reason for this is meeting up any sooner than that means that both of you will still be pretty emotional about the whole thing so logic goes straight out the window and there’s a good chance you’ll start arguing again, driving an even deeper wedge between you.

When you are actually talking to your ex it’s important that you just focus on the positive stuff in your past relationship with each other and do not, under any circumstances, bring up previous arguments in an attempt to show her where she’s been wrong about stuff in the past. You might actually be right and score some argument “points” but ultimately you’re just proving to her that she was right to break up with you in the first place.

There are lots of nice things to say to your ex girlfriend in an attempt to get her back but unless you’re doing this with integrity and honesty you’re wasting your time i.e. don’t lie to her. Because if she does realize that you just spun her a yarn to get her back she’ll leave you and this time she’ll stay gone. Permanently.

When it comes to deciding on what to say to get your ex girlfriend back you need to think the entire situation through before you say a single word. Think first and speak later.