Proven Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Proven Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Ways to get your ex girlfriend backSo you’re wondering what the best ways to get your ex girlfriend back are? The good news is that I have a lot of experience helping friends, family and clients with their relationship problems so I can help you too.

Don’t ask me why but I was born with this weird “gift” of being able to see “inside” people and figure out exactly what’s going on with both them and their relationship.

Some people get creeped out by it because they say it’s like I’m looking inside their soul but in the end all I want to do is help and that’s what this article is about – helping you get back together with your ex girlfriend.

5 Best Ways To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Break Bad Habits

Did she hate you smoking cigarettes, smoking weed, playing Xbox or drinking all the time? Was that the reason for your breakup in the first place? Firstly you were pretty dumb to let a habit like smoking weed take priority over the woman you love but secondly you should quit whatever habit she hated to show her how much you do care about her. Pretty much every guy has a vice of some kind (weed, beer, strippers, gambling or whatever) but none of those habits are going to keep you warm at night or smile at you across the dinner table.

Don’t Ignore Birthdays Or Anniversaries

If you want to score some real brownie points with your ex then make sure that your remember both the anniversary of the day you became a couple or got married, her birthday and of course any other dates that are important to you. In fact I make it a point of celebrating a monthaversary with any girl I’m dating and I do this from the very first month. Why? Because it shows her that I care enough to remember it, even though she might find it a little bit cheesy. Even if you haven’t seen your ex for weeks or months sending them a card or a text on their birthday or your anniversary is a nice touch and one that she’ll appreciate.

Anniversary card

Don’t forget to send an anniversary card.

Pride Cometh Before The Fall

Male pride means you’re going to be waiting for her to contact you first by phone or email. In fact you might even be thinking you’d rather cut your own fingers off then pick up the phone and talk to her. Now while this might make you feel better about yourself it’s not going to help you resolve any problems that exist between you and your ex girlfriend. In fact the only way you can even start to figure out what caused the arguments and the ensuing breakup is to actually sit down and talk to each other. Don’t let dumb pride get in the way of true love.

Avoid Other Women

Well what I mean by that is that you should avoid dating other women (in every sense of the word) immediately after the breakup. True you probably feel some desire to reassert yourself as an Alpha male but sleeping around or getting into a rebound relationship is just going to add to your current headaches – it’s short term gratification at best. At worst your ex will find out that you’ve been sleeping with anything with a heartbeat and you’re facing an uphill struggle to get back together with her.

Be The Best You Can Be

Guys are lucky because we carry less fat than woman (our natural physiology) and we also produce lots of testosterone. What this means is that we can build muscle and tone up more quickly than most women. If you’ve let yourself get badly out of shape over the last few years then use your biological advantage and get back in shape pronto. Always check with your doctor before starting to work out again and keep it simple by just doing some push-ups and sit-ups to start off with. Your ex is going to find you more attractive if you don’t have that beer gut guys.

There’s a lot more for you to discover in terms of other ways to get your ex girlfriend back but what I’m trying to show you here is that your attitude towards your ex is going to matter as much as your actions. Don’t just tell her that you care about her but show her – in every way that you possibly can.