4 Real World Tips On How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Tips On How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Real World Advice That Works!

Tips on how to get your ex girlfriend backSo you’re looking for tips to get your ex girlfriend back? In that case you’ve come to the right place for real-world advice that works in real breakup situations.

It’s important that I stress that no set of tips for doing anything is absolutely foolproof and all I’m trying to do here is give you the psychological and emotional “tools” to make sure that your breakup is a fair fight instead of some kind of emotional massacre that leaves you feeling like crap.

4 Real World Tips On How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

1. Don’t Pursue

Most guys make the mistake of confusing chasing a woman around with showing her that you’re still interested in her emotionally, physically and sexually. There’s a really simple rule when it comes to ex-girlfriends and it’s that in 99% of cases she will contact you less than 2-weeks after the breakup – even if you broke up with her. If you don’t hear from her within 4-weeks then this is usually a pretty good sign that it might be time to move on but I’ve seen ex girlfriends contact guys even 2 and 3 months later. The simple rule here is: Let her come to you.

2. Don’t Be Available

What I mean by this is that while it’s fine to meet up with your ex for a coffee or chat on the phone you have to make sure that you’re not running to meet them every single time they call. I know it’s tempting to keep meeting this person you’re still crazy about but they’ll get bored of the fact you’re always available to meet them; there’s no challenge involved and they’ll lose respect for you based on that. Plus they also need to know that you’re still living your life and you’re not waiting around for them to make their mind up.

3. Don’t Rush

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Don’t rush, you might actually enjoy being single?

If you truly want to have a long-term relationship with your ex girlfriend then it’s critically important that you don’t rush into getting back together. It’s worth bearing in mind that after 6 – 8 weeks of being single again you might actually enjoy it and decide that getting back together with your ex is a bad idea; it’ll be too late to change your mind if you got back together with her after 2 or 3 weeks right? Good things come to those who wait and if this is a relationship you truly value then give it time to heal and then time to develop into something you’ll cherish forever.

4. Get Ripped

Most guys have a really bad habit of letting themselves go when they start to settle into a relationship with a girl. After all why bother going to the gym when you’re not out hunting for a new girlfriend? The problem here is that your girlfriend is, most likely, still taking care of her appearance as you’re slowly turning into some kind of large couch potato, with 5-days of stubble and body odor.
If you’ve let yourself get out of shape and/or start dressing like Jeff Lebowski then you need to up your game, get back into shape and show her that you’re still the guy she fell in love with way back when.

These free tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back are just the tip of the iceberg into not only getting your ex girlfriend back but also keeping that relationship working in a healthy and happy way for the months and years ahead.

The key to a successful relationship is to never get lazy in any personal relationship and to always appreciate the woman you have in your life. This will help keep things fresh and new for you and for her too.