Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back - How To Spot Them

How To Spot The Signs That Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

Signs your ex girlfriend wants you backA good relationship can take years of trust, love and romance to build but it can all be torn apart by a few harsh words you wish you could take back or an argument you wish had never started. The thing is that all those deep feelings you’ve shared with your girlfriend over the months or years won’t just evaporate overnight – not for either of you.

Why this happens is down to how the human brain is “wired” and that certain feelings and emotions are buried so deeply in our long-term memory that you can’t simply erase them, although sometimes you might wish that you could.

So if you’re wondering are there signs your ex girlfriend still loves you that you could be watching out for the answer is a most definite “Yes”.

Human body language is a funny thing and it can betray us so much that even when we’re saying and thinking one thing our body will be reacting in an entirely different way. Observing human body language when in large groups of people is a hobby of mine and it’s amazing how much you can learn about a couple without them even realizing it themselves. Doing this has also taught me an awful lot about human interaction and I’m going to share the best of those tips here with you now.

So what are the signs that your ex girlfriend still loves you or at least misses you an awful lot? For these tips to be really effective you’ll need to be talking to your ex girlfriend face-to-face, or at least be able to see her face over Skype etc.

3 Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Wants You Back

Watch Her Eyes

Woman's eyesThey say the eyes are the windows to the soul and this is doubly true of any woman simply because they’re far more in touch with their emotions than most men are. If you’re having a friendly chat with your ex check out her pupils and look for any signs of dilation (the pupils getting bigger/wider). This is a simple neurological response which shows you pretty clearly that your ex girlfriend is still interested in you on a sexual level at the very least. People might argue this isn’t true but experience has shown that it is.

Watch Her Mouth

Woman calling come here and stretching out handsThis can be a harder sign to pick up but if a woman still feels some level of attraction for you there’s a very good chance she’s going to bite or nibble at her own lip and it’s usually the bottom one. People have debated about why women do this subconsciously but the safest bet is that they’re mentally replaying what it was like kissing you in the past. Also if your ex is constantly staring at your mouth instead of into your eyes or elsewhere in the room then she’s also mentally replaying when you’ve kissed in the past.


This is one of the most primitive and instinctual responses a woman can have in the presence of a man and it’s all about how she presents herself. If you walk into the room and her back straightens and she pushes the hair away from her face then she’s grooming herself for you. For any women reading this please don’t take offense because men do the exact same thing by sucking in their gut, raising their shoulders and sticking their chest out – doing their best to look as masculine as possible for you. Also pay attention to whether or not she plays with her hair which is again a sign of basic grooming for the “male” in front of her.

These are the main signs that your ex girlfriend wants you back but there’s going to be more to the entire process of winning her back than just understanding the secrets of body language and if you want some additional help you might consider checking out “The Magic of Making Up” by T. Dub Jackson – one of the bestselling guides on the topic.


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