How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Miss You And Thinking About You

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Miss You And Thinking About You

How to get your ex girlfriend to miss youAre you wondering exactly how to get your ex girlfriend to miss you? Are you sitting there thinking “I miss my ex girlfriend” while you’re playing the songs you both loved or watching your favorite movie but all on your own?

The ugly truth is that sitting there feeling sorry for yourself definitely won’t make your ex girlfriend come looking for you or knocking on your door. What I’m going to share with you here are some tips on how to get your ex girlfriend actively thinking about you again, whether she wants to or not.

Remember this girl dated you and/or moved in with you because she at least liked you at some stage during your relationship and it’s highly unlikely that all of those feelings for you simply stopped when you broke up. If, for whatever reason, she shows absolutely no feeling towards you or any of her other ex boyfriends you’re probably dealing with a sociopath and it would be wise to walk away and forget about her.

Let’s just assume though that she’s a normal and well adjusted woman of whatever age who has a normal emotional response to her ex and we’ll take it from there.

So what steps can you take to make your ex miss you and maybe even prompt your ex girlfriend to admit that she still loves you?

3 Steps On How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend To Miss You

Live Your Life

Illustration of a good looking manEven though you might be tempted to lock yourself up in a room and play Xbox, eat pizza and drink beer for 6 straight weeks that’s not going to solve your problem or make you any more attractive in the eyes of your ex. Instead you need to get out of your house/apartment and live your life in as normal a way as possible, including spending some time at the gym.

Basically looking good and feeling good about yourself sends your ex a very strong signal of “I’m fine without you”, even if you’re not. Don’t hide away and sulk. Instead you need to man up, suit up and get out there dude!

Create Distance

A lot of guys have a really bad habit of trying to be everywhere his ex might be – bars, clubs, restaurants etc. This is usually done to create situations where you can accidentally bump into her and strike up a conversation. The reality is that your ex will usually resent this and will see it as a sign of desperation on your part.

What you need to do if you can is create an adequate amount of distance there, so that your ex still knows that you’re in town and generally around but you’re definitely not pursuing her. Most importantly of all you don’t want to be seen as stalking her, even if that’s just her perception of what’s happening.

Rebound Girlfriend

This is a very dangerous step to take because although most of your buddies are going to tell you to go out and play the field this can backfire pretty badly. How do you think your ex would react if she caught you with your “new” girlfriend? Chances are she’ll instantly start mentally removing you from her life and you’re going to have to work a lot harder to get her to miss you. If you want to take some female friend out to dinner though that can work very well in creating some positive social buzz for you – the news is bound to get back to your ex.

So if you’re wondering “Does my ex girlfriend miss me?” you can be sure that at some level she does but it’s going to take time and patience to take it from her just missing you to wanting to be actually back together with you. A great way to start that process is by sending some subtle SMS messages and “Text Your Ex Back” by Michael Fiore is a great guide on this very topic and will provide even more tips on how to get your ex girlfriend to miss you.


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