How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Without Begging Her

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Without Begging Her

How to get your ex girlfriend backSo how do you actually go about getting your ex girlfriend back together with you??

Well I suppose that’s kind of a silly question to ask you since you’re reading this page because that means you’ve been searching high and low on Google to find an answer to your problem.

There’s an odd thing that happens during a breakup that defies normal physiology and it’s the pain you feel after you see your girlfriend walk out the door on you for the very last time. You see you should actually feel a pain in your head or go through extreme psychological trauma after a breakup but the odd thing is that the pain you feel is where? In your heart of all places! From a biological point of view it makes absolutely zero sense that you would feel emotional pain in your heart – it’s just a lump of muscle that pumps blood around your body, but the fact remains is that this is where you feel the worst of the hurt.

When you present a human being with pain they will do almost anything to avoid it – it’s your built-in survival instinct and when you have to heal that gaping wound inside you the only way to fix it is to get your ex girlfriend back.

Your buddies will have a lot of advice about getting over your ex girlfriend by going out and finding another girl for no strings fun, but if you’re like most guys with a truly broken heart that will be the last thing on your mind. Now your buddies mean well by doing this but what you really need is somebody to talk to about this stuff so you can stop the emotional circus that’s going on in your head right now.

Your first “move” in getting back together with your ex girlfriend is to stay as calm as possible and under no circumstances should you call her names or put her down or blame her for the entire thing. You see even if it was a horrible, horrible breakup and you’re gutted you have to accept the fact that it takes two people to make or break a relationship (it takes two to tango as they say) so it’s highly, highly unlikely that your girlfriend is 100% at fault for the breakup so chill – seriously.

Illustration of a young man with a broken heart sitting outside in the rainThe smart money is on giving her a few days to calm down and then contact her. Most guys panic though because they have mental visions of their ex running around with some new guy and instead of giving her space you start texting/calling her dozens of time during the day and night.

First off if she broke up with you and instantly started sleeping with other guys you don’t want her back – not unless you enjoy being hurt. The reality is that she’s probably licking her wounds just as much as you are and if you can give her some time and space she’ll probably contact you first. So give the breakup some breathing space – cool?

Revenge is a dish best served cold but the last thing you should be doing with your time is figuring out how to get back at your ex girlfriend – well not if you plan on having a future with her. Remember this is the woman who could very easily be the mother of your children in just a few months or years – you should be showing her as much love and respect as she shows you.

So instead of trying to figure out how to impress her or get back at her why not show her that you’re still the man she fell in love with and that you still love her? You can do this by dropping all the bravado and macho BS and speaking to her from the heart but without begging or pleading. Remember being sensitive around a woman is cool but being a quivering, emotional wreck is never going to get her heart racing when she sees you.

Getting back together with your ex girlfriend is going to involve time, patience and a whole lot of talking but this is an investment in your future with a woman you love deeply, so it’s worth all the time in the world right?

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