How To Get Your Ex Back When She Has Moved On

How To Get Your Ex Back When She Has Moved On

How to get your ex back when she has moved onSome women deal with the end of a breakup more “efficiently” than others and can wind up moving on pretty quickly. For other women it can take that little bit longer to get to the point where she’s moving to what she sees as pastures greener. So how do you get your ex back when she has moved on – is there anything you can do? More importantly how do you get your ex girlfriend back from another guy because this can happen a lot more quickly than you might imagine.

She’s Just Moved On

Let’s first take a look at the scenario on how you get your ex back when she has moved on but there’s not another guy involved. In this case whatever has gone down between you both has been enough to make her mind up and/or enough time has gone by (usually after 6 – 12 weeks) that she’s decided it’s time to get on with her life. What you’re working to do here is damage limitation and stop the “fire” from spreading any further and before she meets another guy.

Your first step here is to establish contact with her by text message and the “Text Your Ex Back” program can be very useful here because chances are quite some time has passed since you last spoke to her and you need to break the ice and there’s no better way to do this than by sending her a charming SMS that gets her thinking about you. With enough patience and by following the techniques outlined in this extremely practical guide you’ll be talking to her face-to-face in no time and that’s your opportunity to play your “A” game and lay the foundation for building a new relationship with her.Man standing outdoor and texting on his phone

Your Ex Girlfriend Has A New Boyfriend

Now this is a lot more tricky because you’re not just dealing with your ex but you also have to factor in her new guy and figuring out what kind of relationship they have. Now if she’s started dating this guy just a few weeks after your breakup then you can be pretty sure she’s just on the rebound and was feeling lonely, so this new guy probably hasn’t established himself in the role of boyfriend just yet. In this situation you can use the information from “Text Your Ex Back” to establish contact again and arrange a face-to-face lunch with her and take it from there.

If she’s been dating this new guy for a while then you’ll need to find out how she feels about him which means you’re going to have to “friend zone” yourself and put yourself in the role of agony uncle. This is going to take a lot more patience on your part but before you can make another move you’ll need to be sure what kind of relationship you’re dealing with. Always remember that your ex probably still has at least some feelings for you so capitalize on that.

Figuring out how to get your ex back after she’s moved on will usually require some professional help and guides like “Text Your Ex Back” are ideal for both providing you with the tools and the mindset you need to achieve your goal.


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    I also have experienced the same thing and must say that its very important to trust what your inner voice and heart try to tell you although its hard some-times. Time wont make real love go away it will only make it stronger!

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