How To Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend - 4 Tips To Move On

How To Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

How to get over your ex girlfriendSometimes when a relationship ends both people accept that it was probably for the best and decide to move on with their lives. Or perhaps you’ve been left in a situation where your ex is no longer part of your life and there’s absolutely no hope of salvaging the relationship?  Either way you’re going to be looking for tips on how to get over your ex girlfriend and get your life back in order and I’m here to help you with that.

When it comes to getting over an ex girlfriend most people will tell you that time is a great healer and if you give yourself enough time you will basically forget about your ex and get on with your life. The problem here is that getting over a girlfriend this way can take months and you wind up feeling that your life has been turned upside down in the meantime.

So what I want to share with you here are my personal tips to guide you through the process and helping you come out the other side a stronger and happier person.

4 Tips To Move On And Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

Own Your Pain

Now if you’re a guy the idea of owning your pain might seem a little bit foreign to you or just sound downright weird but it’s one of the best ways of dealing with the grief that you’re experiencing at the end of your relationship. “Owning your pain” simply means accepting that you’re feeling hurt and allowing yourself to go through the full range of emotions any guy experiences at the end of a relationship – everything from anger, to denial to feeling alone and the sadness that goes with that. Now if you want to spend some time at a punch bag when you’re doing this that’s cool too – just make sure that you don’t bottle your emotions up inside you.

Avoid Rebound Relationships

Most guys decide that the quickest way to get over an ex girlfriend is to find another girlfriend straight away but doing this usually ends in disaster. Firstly you haven’t given yourself any time to deal with the reasons behind your breakup, which is critical to preventing similar problems in the future.

Illustration of a woman aggressively kissing a man on the chair

She may want more from the relationship than you think.

Then you have to factor in that the rebound girlfriend you choose is probably not somebody you’d normally date but you’d rather date anyone instead of being alone right? The only exception to this rule is if you’ve met somebody and you both just want to be “friends with benefits”. This can help you over an emotional hump but again be careful of the “friend” you choose to spend time with – she may want more from this then you do.

Avoid Revenge

Even if you’ve been really badly hurt and even if you have all kinds of proof and evidence that your ex girlfriend is basically the greatest b***h on the face of the planet Earth don’t go looking for revenge. Even if you do manage to expose her to the whole world it actually paints you in a really bad light and can be very off-putting to any woman who sees it – after all how might you react if they were dating you at some stage in the future?

Plan Your Future

It’s really important to take positive steps even you’re still hurting right now. Plan a holiday with friends, put together a new workout plan, take up a new hobby, get yourself that Xbox you’ve always wanted as a gift to yourself etc, etc. Instead of focusing on the pain you feel why not try to introduce some positive things to your life as a whole instead?

So never think that you can’t get over your ex girlfriend because as you can see from the tips I’ve shared here anyone can learn how to get over an ex girlfriend and a lot sooner than you might think.


  • Aron Daxter says:

    I especially like your idea of owning you pain. I think a lot of dudes think their is something wrong with them and they need to hold it in… Guess what, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG, that is why you feel like you do. Let it out man, be strange and emotional for awhile. Its natural, your in a bad place, we understand. Go for it. Thanks for your article 🙂

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