10 Practical Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

10 Practical Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Ways to get your ex boyfriend backThere’s a lot of information floating around out there online about how to get back together with your ex boyfriend but a lot of this information has no basis in psychology or an understanding of how human emotions work. In fact some of the “ways to get your boyfriend back” guides are written entirely by women who have no real idea how a man’s mind works and let’s face facts men and women are totally different in how they think about relationships and how they deal with breakups too.

The advice I share with you here is real, practical and, above all, it’s designed to make perfect sense! To help you get started on the path to getting back with your ex boyfriend I’ve put together a list of 10 tips for you to read, absorb and then use.

10 Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back In Your Life

1. Apologize

Saying “Sorry” can be very tough for some people but it’s the quickest way to build some form of emotional bridge between yourself and your ex boyfriend.

2. Give Him Space

If your boyfriend has just broken up with you then the very last thing you should be doing is calling to his house, apartment or job to chat with him. He’ll be feeling pretty lousy about the breakup too so giving both you and he some time and space to heal is a good idea.

3. Talk

The simple act of sitting down and talking calmly with your ex boyfriend can help you find out a lot more about what caused the breakup and to find if there’s any way for you to repair the damage. Just make sure that at least a few days have passed since the breakup before you try to talk to him – tensions will still be running high otherwise.Silhouette of a man and woman sitting on the beach and talking to each other

4. Read Between The Lines

When you’re actually talking to him listen very carefully to everything he’s saying and try to look for mixed messages or if he’s dropping hints about a potential future with you. You see even if he’s saying he’s not thinking about getting back together with you his subconscious can let clues slip out but you need to be listening very carefully for them.

5. Look Great

Looking fantastic every time he meets you will make him instantly think twice about having broken up with you. That doesn’t mean you need to be wearing your hottest outfit but you do need to remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place, so try not to turn up wearing sweats if you can help it.

6. Forgive Him

Forgiving somebody for hurting you is one of the hardest things in the world to do but it’s also one of the most healing things you can do too. You don’t need to actually say “I forgive you” to him because you might get some strange looks, but the simple act of forgiving a person for inflicting that kind of emotional pain on you is very, very cleansing for you.Woman forgives ex boyfriend who kissing her from behind

7. No Mind Games

Don’t hook up with other guys and hang out in the same places as your ex boyfriend to try and get his attention. Firstly he’ll assume you’ve moved on and don’t want to get back together, secondly he’ll probably assume you were cheating on him in the past (how else did you find this new guy so quickly?) and this means there’s zero hope of him ever even talking to you again. Mind games are for 12-year old girls – they don’t suit a grown woman.

8. Avoid Bitchiness

You can’t say “I’m sorry we broke up but…” because the “but” means you’re not really sorry you’re just saying it because it’s what he expects to hear. Approach any effort in getting back together with your ex boyfriend with an open mind and an open heart because bitchiness definitely isn’t going to win him back!

9. Avoid Being Needy

Pretty much every guy in the world loves the idea of rescuing the damsel in distress but it gets boring if the same damsel is needing rescuing all the time. There’s nothing wrong with showing him that you’re vulnerable and that you miss him but clinging to him and begging or pleading isn’t the way to go.

10. PMI (Positive Mental Imagery)

This might sound silly but you should try taking 2 – 3 minutes each day to visualize being back in a healthy, happy and balanced relationship with your ex boyfriend. You don’t need to light candles or chant mantras to do this – just lie down on your sofa or bed for a few minutes and get comfortable.

Now close your eyes and visualize being cuddled up to or going for a romantic walk with your ex boyfriend and enjoy all the feelings and sensations that gives you. This technique alone can have amazing results!

You now have 10 steps to use in developing your own plan or way to get your ex boyfriend back – I hope you enjoy putting them to good use!