Tips On How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Tips On How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Without Playing Mind Games

Tips on how to get your ex boyfriend backOne of the worst clichés in the world is that it’s “easier to be alone than to be in a relationship”. While it’s true that being in a negative or abusive relationship is a bad idea, thinking that having a relationship isn’t worth the effort is just plain old silly. Human beings are tribal creatures – we’re used to living in packs. In fact we’re not designed to live alone at all and proof of that is that if a new born baby is starved of human affection it can actually die; a horrible thought I know but a valid one.

Basically it’s not natural to want to spend your entire life alone so if you’ve just been dumped by your boyfriend or if you’ve just broken up with him and realized it was the wrong decision then I’m here to help. The truth is that nobody really wants to be alone and that everyone wants to be and feel loved each day of their lives. So I’ve put together some free tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back and I hope you truly benefit from them.

Far too many women think that mind games are the best way to get ex boyfriend back and this always turns out to be a disaster – for you as the girl that is. The basic idea is that you want him to see you with a new guy to drive him insane with jealousy and for him to beg you to get back together with him. Instead what will happen is that you’ll either create a punch-up between your ex and the new guy (who you’re just using really) or your ex will see you with a new guy and instantly decide that it’s time for him to find a new girl too. Either way you lose.

Another popular weapon that many women use to try to “convince” their ex to come back to them is guilt but guilt doesn’t feel good when you’re experiencing it yourself and it feels even worse when you’re trying to pile guilt on somebody else. If you try to make a guy feel guilty for breaking up with you he’ll probably just wind up feeling resentful instead and do his very best to avoid having anything to do with you ever again. Even if (and it’s a big IF) the guilt-trip does work it won’t last and you’ll be single again in a matter of a few days or weeks.

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Don’t play mind games with your ex boyfriend

The single best tip there is for getting your ex back is to show him what he’s missing and to do it in the most positive light. Your ex boyfriend was in love with you once and you need to trace backwards and remember the things he complimented you on. Think about all the things he said he loved about you and focus on those because those are the exact same things he’s missing about you right now.

Your ex boyfriend will eventually want to talk to you at some stage so when he does show him why he fell in love with you and exactly what he’s missing right now – then let him decide that getting back together with you is a good idea….even though you kinda gave him a nudge in the right direction.

Remember that these tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back aren’t an exact “blueprint” that you follow step-by-step because every person and every relationship is just a tiny bit different. Use the information I gave you here as inspiration for your own plan on reconciling with your boyfriend and if you’re honest and open with him then I’m pretty sure you’re already 50% of the way there.