Are There Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

Are There Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

Signs your ex boyfriend wants you backSo for whatever reason you’re sitting there wondering does your ex boyfriend miss you and how receptive he might be to you initiating a conversation about getting back together?

Breaking up with him at the time might have seemed like a great idea but you’re obviously having doubts and now you need to figure how what signs your ex boyfriend might be giving you that he still misses you.

Let’s take a look at the most obvious signs that your ex misses you and does actually want you back.

4 Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

Is He Still Single?

If several weeks have passed and your ex isn’t dating anyone else or even part of the dating scene then that’s the first indication that he’s not interested in meeting anyone else – at least not yet. Men are far more likely to immediately go out looking for another girlfriend as part of their “healing” process so if he’s not done this then it’s the right kind of hint.

Body Language

Illustration of a broken red heart as two faces looking to each otherOne very quick way to assess how another person feels about you is to meet them face-to-face and watch their body language. If possible give your ex boyfriend a hug when you meet him and if that hug lingers for a little longer than you expected then this that’s a good sign.

Does he make a point of staring into your eyes, watching your mouth or touching your hands or face whenever he has a chance? Again these are all very strong signs that he wants you at some level – even if it’s only physical to start with.

Being Open

Most men keep their actual feelings about many things, including your relationship, very close to their chest. Remember that young men grow up to be told that showing emotion is a sign of weakness and “big boys don’t cry”, which is a very hard thing to shake off as you get older because it becomes an emotional habit. So if you’re noticing that your boyfriend is talking more about his dreams, his feelings and his hopes then this is a sign he’s willing to be more open to you emotionally too.

Old Memories

Does he drop hints now and again about fun things you did together or about how you first met? If he’s talking about any of the happy stuff that’s happened in your relationship in the past then it’s a sign he’s been missing you a lot – so much so that all he can think about is the better times with you. Again it’s important to remember that guys are rarely open about their feelings so if he’s showing you this side of him it’s because he wants you to see that he cares.

There are lots of indications that your ex boyfriend wants you back and these are just the main ones. If I can share no other piece of advice with you then it’s that you just need to use your common sense and really listen to what your ex is saying and watch exactly what he’s doing when he’s around you.

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