How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

How to make your ex boyfriend jealousWhen it comes to relationships words like jealousy, anger and revenge are never good to hear. In fact those same words have a negative emotional and spiritual meaning and association, period. For example do you know anyone who has achieved something fantastic in their life by using anger, revenge or jealousy at their motivation for doing that? Even for those very few people who have it’s a hollow victory and it always backfires on them – usually in the most horrible possible ways.

Now the reason why you’re reading this is that you want to make your ex boyfriend jealous but let’s turn that on its head in terms of how you phrase it. By making him jealous what you’re really looking to do here is make him pay attention to you again and if we break that down a little bit further what you’re really looking for is some sign that he still cares about you. What you really want is a sign that you still matter to him – even if it’s just him being angry with you right?

But I don’t understand how angry you are? Anger is an extremely potent emotion and it can make you do and say things you’d never dream of doing or saying otherwise. The same anger you feel now is a symptom of the hurt you feel that you’re no longer with your boyfriend though – you’re not angry at him really, you’re just angry that you’re alone and that you can’t talk to him or cuddle with him when you want to.

Woman flirting with other guys in front of her ex boyfriendSo now that you have a better understanding of why you feel what you’re feeling right now you can take a different approach to just trying to make him jealous. If nothing else you need to avoid doing all the typical things that some women do like flirting with other guys in front of him, pretending to be dating a new guy or even dating a string of guys to show him that you don’t need him. That still won’t stop you feeling empty inside at the end of every night. On top of that you’re also running the risk of creating the kind of reputation for yourself that no single woman really wants or needs.

Aiming to make someone so jealous that they’ll fall back in love with you is like trying to make a house out of bread – you’ll only get so far and then the whole thing falls apart. Instead of working so hard to make him jealous why not put that same amount of effort into building a brand new and loving relationship with him? It might seem impossible right now but there’s plenty of help available to you both here and elsewhere online including eBooks like “The Magic of Making Up” or “Text Your Ex Back“.

Using either of these guides will put you in a more positive mindset which will in turn help you work towards either getting back together with your ex or simply accepting that the relationship is over and you can then move on with your own life in a truly healthy way.