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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Instructions You Should Follow

How to get your ex boyfriend backSo your boyfriend has broken up with you and you’re not sure what to do next but you know that you will love him and you want to get back together with him. Or maybe you broke up with him and you’ve realized that it was a bad move and now you want him back?

In either of these cases you need to be very careful about what you do next because it could be the difference between getting back with your ex boyfriend in a few short weeks or potentially losing him forever to another woman (or man…who knows right? Kidding, kidding!)

What You Need To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

You’re not going to get back with your ex boyfriend overnight so prepare to be patient – these things take time.

There’s every chance your boyfriend might turn down your first attempt to get back together with him so be prepared for him to say “No”.

If you’re serious about getting him back then make sure that when you meet him he’s reminded that you’re still the same beautiful woman he fell in love with in the first place. Turning up looking like you slept in a dumpster won’t help your case.

Instructions On How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

  • Don’t automatically take all the advice your female friends give you to heart and if you really want to figure out what happened with your ex boyfriend then maybe ask a trusted male friend for advice instead. Men understand men in the same way that only a woman can understand how another woman feels.
  • Make sure that you spend at least some time apart after the breakup – at least a few days if you can manage it. Getting back together too quickly will usually wind up with your breaking up again almost as quickly. Spending time apart is good for both of you.
  • Resist the urge to text and call him several times each day – even if you really want to talk to him. Remember that the more pressure you put on him right now to be around you or spend time with you the more irritated that’s going to make him. You need to completely avoid drunk-texting too because this can result in “booty call” type conversations and that always ends in disaster, over the long term at least.
  • Illustration of a couple ice skating and holding handsIf and when you arrange to meet your ex boyfriend make sure you don’t make it a “date” type situation because he probably won’t be expecting that. You’ve both been through a lot lately so instead of creating some high-pressure date you could and should do something just completely fun together instead. Go to a fairground, go ice skating, go cycling or something else that you both enjoy and won’t put either of you under any pressure at all. The more fun he has around you the more he’ll be reminded that being with you makes him happy. You see where this is going right?
  • Never do anything to “get back at” your ex like destroying stuff he loves, accusing him of things that aren’t true or trying to make him jealous by dating somebody new. Revenge solves absolutely nothing with an ex and if he sees you behaving like this then you’re basically showing him that you’re not ready for a relationship of any kind – not with him at least.
  • Talk to him and listen carefully to his side of the story – if you’re going to get back with your ex boyfriend it’s critical that you both get your grievances out there and get them fixed once and for all. Communication is key!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my little “Get your ex boyfriend back” How-To guide and that it makes sense to you? Relationships are complicated at the best of times but I’ve always found that honesty and showing your ex that you truly care about them will usually be enough.


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