How To Get Revenge On Your Ex Boyfriend - Is It Worth It?

How To Get Revenge On Your Ex Boyfriend – Is It Really Worth It?

How to get revenge on your ex boyfriendWhen the word “revenge” enters into the realm of relationships you know that somebody is very, very PO’d at somebody else. From experience I’ve noticed that revenge is used by people who have been dumped and didn’t see it coming or, more commonly, have been dumped because they got caught doing or saying something they shouldn’t have.

The problem is that all humans are emotional creatures and we react with the emotional part of our brain first before we allow the logical part of our brain to kick in and stop us from doing something stupid.

So even though your girlfriends might be advising you on ways to get revenge on your ex boyfriend you should stop and think before you do. After all the most common ways you can choose to get back at your ex boyfriend usually end in disaster. If you don’t believe me just check out any episode of Judge Judy and other similar legal reality TV shows.

3 Things You Should Never Do To Get Revenge On Your Ex Boyfriend

Get With Another Guy

If I had a cent for every time I heard this as a way of getting revenge I’d be a rich man. Think about this though before you do it. You think that going out and meeting/sleeping with another guy is going to make you happier and your boyfriend sad? You’ll probably feel empty after it and your boyfriend will just figure that you’re a psycho and avoid you like a dose of the Black Plague – you just confirmed all his worst suspicions about you.

Post Stuff On Social Networks

Young woman with laptop sharing information about her ex boyfriendWebsites like Twitter and Facebook have given us all incredible ways to share information with each other through our tablets, smartphones or laptops. The problem is that once you post something on any of these services it’s there forever. You can delete it but you can be sure somebody else saw it before you did. If you post personal or intimate information about your ex boyfriend online then you could very easily wind up facing a lawsuit for defamation of character – again you lose out here and you’ll also look like a spiteful child to anyone else who sees it on your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Damage His Property

Unless you like spending time in courtrooms then damaging another persons’ property is never a smart move. Sure your boyfriend might have hurt you emotionally and maybe even physically but the first place the police will go looking is the angry ex girlfriend. So think very carefully before you decide to whitewash his car or bike. The other aspect of this is that once you calm down you’re going to feel pretty silly for doing what you did, even if it did make you feel better at the time.

Revenge is a negative word, period! It’s impossible to use it in a positive way and it almost always makes matters far worse than they were before. So before you set out to get revenge on your ex boyfriend ask yourself is it really worth it? Ask yourself how you can benefit from this act of revenge?

Ultimately you need to ask yourself if you want to cheapen yourself by taking revenge on somebody you just might be better off without in the first place?

If you happen to be a dentist, never do something like this:


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    I agree that damaging property is NOT the way to go. Why do that when you can just make a profile of him on a website like and tell the world what an idiot he is. 😉

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