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Best Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Ways to get your ex backAll relationships take work and effort to keep them fresh and this complacency, that both partners can slip into, is probably the single biggest mistake make when it comes to being and staying in love. You start to assume that your partner is going to be around forever and that nothing outside of an act of God would cause a break up between you but truth is stranger than fiction and once you start taking a relationship for granted you’re already in trouble.

So if you’ve just found yourself on the losing end of a breakup with your significant other relax because you can salvage your relationship in the vast majority of cases. I’m going to share some of the best ways to get your ex back fast, so you can get your romantic life back to normal as quickly as possible.

The tips I’m going to share with you here will also stop you from trying to get back at your ex because even though your ex might have hurt you looking for revenge is the quickest way to make them walk away forever.

So without any further delay here’s my “guide” for getting your ex back.

4 Effective Ways To Get Your Ex back


Remember it always takes two people to have a full-blown argument but there comes a point in any argument that a simply apology can prevent far more serious damage being done. Now when it comes to psychological ways to get your ex back making an apology is the first major step to make, but make sure you don’t make the mistake of turning an apology into pleading with your ex to get back together with you – that’s incredibly counterproductive. The important aspect of making an apology is that it helps diffuse the situation so even if your breakup was particularly bad you can calm things done a whole heap by making an honest apology.

Get Together And Talk

Man talking to his ex girlfriendEven though it might sound like the very last thing you want to do you should arrange a time for you and your ex to sit down and talk calmly. It’s really important that you don’t try to force your own agenda when you’re talking to your ex – trying to convince them to get back together with you, for example. Instead treat the conversation you have as an opportunity for them to do a lot of talking and for you to do a lot of listening simply because listening shows that you care about what they have to say. Also don’t go for beers or cocktails when you’re having this conversation – alcohol and emotionally charged situations simply don’t mix very well.

Space Is Good

After a breakup it’s always good to give each other some space and time to figure things out and calm down so even though you might want to spend every waking minute with your ex you’ll find this actually works against you because they’ll feel smothered. You don’t need to move to another county to give them some space but you can’t try to live in their pocket either. Find a middle ground that works for everyone involved because the reality is that you’re going to need some “head space” too for at least the first few days. Remember you’ve just come out of a very highly emotional situation so giving yourself some time to get grounded in yourself is a smart move.

Keep Living!

The movies would have you believe that romantic or cute ways to get your ex back are giving up on life and building yourself a new apartment from empty pizza boxes and Pabst cans, in the mistaken belief that living like a hobo will have them take pity on you and fall in love with you all over again. Unless your ex has a thing for hobos then don’t live like one. In fact you should be making a conscious effort to get out there and keep living your life even if it’s just something like hitting the movies with your friends or going out for some Chinese food or burgers. Your ex needs to be completely aware that you’re ok with getting on with your life and that even though you’re “there for them” you’re not sitting staring at your cell phone 24/7/365 waiting for them to call.

These tips really just give you a quick overview of my top ways to get your ex back but there’s more to learn and I have more to share with you!