The Pros And Cons Of Getting Your Ex Back Fast

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Getting Your Ex Back Fast

How to get your ex back fastIt’s all too easy to forget that relationships take time to grow, from those early days of dating, to settling down with each other, and maybe even getting married. Some people can meet, fall in love and get married in a matter of weeks or months but for most people it takes a couple years for all of that to happen.

The unfortunate truth though is that the same relationship you spent months or years nurturing can vanish in the blink of an eye, for a wide variety of reasons. When that relationship ends though the only thought on most people’s minds is to get their ex back as fast as possible – beginning with searching online for the fastest way to get your ex back; which is the reason why you’re reading this right now of course.

But have you stopped to consider the “Pros” and “Cons” of getting your ex back fast?
Has your heart overruled your head and started you down a path you might regret later on?

Pros Of Getting Your Ex Back Fast

  • Your life instantly returns to “normal” and all the pain and anguish you felt when your ex was gone disappears
  • Your worries about your ex meeting somebody new are also eliminated
  • On a practical level you won’t need to worry about any potential legal wranglings
  • Your sex life also returns to normal overnight too!
  • It proves that you’re still in love with each other, even at the most basic level

They all seem like perfectly reasonable and rational reasons to get your ex back as fast as you possibly can, but now it’s time to look at the “Cons” and see how it all weighs up on the scales of the heart:

Cons Of Getting Your Ex Back Fast

  • The emotional atmosphere between you is still probably far too “hot” and arguments are likely to erupt again
  • Most quick makeups result in equally quick breakups happening as a result
  • You could realize (after a few days) you didn’t actually want this person back in your life again at all
  • If you haven’t properly resolved what caused the breakup in the first place then you haven’t actually repaired your relationship at all

Does this mean that getting back together with your ex quickly is a bad idea? You see it all depends on how you define “quickly”. For some people “fast” means a few weeks, while for others “fast” means a few hours.

I’ll go out on a limb here and put my case to you in that getting back together with an ex after just a few hours apart won’t resolve anything and chances are you’ll break up again within a day or so. Please also bear in mind that the “Yo-yo” breakup routine is very damaging both emotionally and psychologically for both people so do your best to avoid getting into that vicious cycle.

Illustration of a couple solving relationship problemsIf, however, you spend several days or weeks apart from your ex, chat on the phone, meet up for a heart-to-heart and resolve your issues like the rational and loving adults that you are then it makes perfect sense for you both to take the first steps to getting back together. You’ve both worked to resolve your issues, put your cards on the table and just sort things out, so you have a very good chance of building a brand new relationship together.

When it comes to repairing a relationship “fast” is a relative term because every single couple and relationship is that little bit different. Rushing to get back with your ex fast is basically jumping up and down in an emotional minefield and hoping you won’t get hurt; unlikely at the best of times.

Good things come to those who wait – that’s worth remembering when dealing with matters of the heart.