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Get your ex back

Have you been bangin' your head against the wall for the past few weeks trying to figure out what you should do to get your ex back? It hurts - doesn't it? Well, the first thing you need to know is that you're not alone.

Whether you are trying to get your ex boyfriend back or get your ex girlfriend back, there are hundreds of thousands of people in the world that are in the same position. While this doesn't sound very positive, it's beneficial for you because all of these people have allowed us to conduct expansive research and case studies that have proven there are effective ways to repair a broken relationship!

​Do I have your attention now? I thought so...This section was created to give you the tools and knowledge needed to successfully get your ex back. So let's get started!

​3 Phases You Should Go Through To Get Your Ex Back

3 Phases You Should Go Through To Get Your Ex Back

​1. Determine the Culprit

1. Determine the Culprit

​Whether you've recently decided that you want your boyfriend back or your girlfriend back, the first thing you MUST do is determine the culprit of the final break up. What was is that tore the two of you apart? It's impossible to successfully get back with your ex for good if the original issue is not addressed and resolved.

When trying to determine the exact reason the two of you split (or your partner walked out) it is important to be completely honest with yourself. If the relationship hit rock bottom because of something that you did, it's time to grow up and admit it. At this point, honestly is the best policy and its one of the few things that will actually get your ex back!

​2. Go Back to the "Old" You

​Once you've come to terms with the reason that caused your relationship to go down hill, it's vital that you analyze the person you are today and the one you were when the relationship was young. People tend to change as they ride the rollercoast of a relationship and some times these changes are detrimental to the relationship.

​Strive to get back to that person you were when your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend fell in love with you the first time. If have been trying to get your ex back for quite some time, they've probably mentioned things that you used to do or the person that you used to be when they met you. If your ex has made a statement like this then its time to listen up. Listen to what they are saying and make the change. Changing at this point will be easy if you're desperate to fix your relationship!

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​3. Prepare and Execute

​The next step you need to take in the process of getting your ex back is to prepare for the "first contact" with your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend and then precisely execute your plan. Keep in mind that there are a few advantages you have when it comes the "first contact" with your ex.

​You've obviously been close to the person in the past and it's like you know what he or she liked most about you - whether it's an outfit that they loved on your or a certain way you laughed. During the "first contact" try to use and incorporate as many things "that they loved about you" as you can. This works to tug on his or her heartstrings and will remind him or her of all of the good times in the relationship.

What do you think about this plan so far? Do you think it will give you the opportunity to get back with your ex? If you want to know more about the first conversation and how to navigate it safely and successfully, take a look at the rest of my "Get Your Ex Back" plan, which has worked for thousands of desperate people already...

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