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Ex Recovery System Review

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Ex Recovery System

The person you love most in the world has just walked out of your life and you’re really struggling to deal with that. You’ve invested a lot both emotionally and personally in this relationship so seeing it end is, no doubt, absolutely devastating for you. You’re probably reading this review because you’re wondering if there’s any hope of you ever getting your ex back.

The good news is that there’s a very good chance that you’ll be able to not only patch things up between you and your ex but also build a new and stronger relationship as a result of that – all with the help of the Ex Recovery System (ERS) of course!

About The Program Creator - Ashley Kay

Ashley Kay

Ashley Kay is an online dating and relationship expert who shares her knowledge, experience and suggestions on everything relationship with men and women from all walks of life and from all over the world. In a very short space of time Ashley has created a larger-than-life social media presence and has produced dozens of YouTube videos to help lots and lots of people with their relationship problems. The Ex Recovery System was created by Ashley to help as many people as possible simultaneously with their relationship problems.

Is The Ex Recovery System For You?

The first thing I need to mention here is that this infoproduct is suitable for both men and women so you won’t need to worry about that. The Ex Recovery System has proven to be a very popular relationship self-help program since it was released. It continues to gain fans from all over the world, due to it’s success in delivering on its promises.

The actual eBook itself is a downloadable PDF that’s 130-pages in length and is split up into 4 different sections to guide you through the process of getting your ex back. This isn’t just your standard type of “get your ex back” infoproduct. The eBook encourages you to assess your progress as you’re working through it so you can see where you’re making progress and basically that it’s checking you’re understanding what Ashley Kay is trying to “teach” you about relationships.

How The eBook Breaks Down

ERS eBook

Sections 1 & 2 – Understanding And Analysis

  • These sections explain why the breakup happened and how to deal with both your feelings and the pain of loss afterwards. Really understanding what went wrong in your relationship is obviously the first step in making things right with your ex and stopping those mistakes from every happening again.

Section 3 – Action Plan

  • Here is where you get to create your very own step-by-step action plan to get your ex back – you won’t be just using some generic one-size-fits-all plan to achieve this. Your action plan is customized just for you and nobody else.

Section 4 – Taking Action

  • This section is self-explanatory but you do need to follow each of the steps carefully for the whole plan to tie together.

You will also get these bonuses:

Bonus #1 - The Ex Recovery System Video Course

  • Ashley will personally step you through each module of the system. She handhold you through the strategy that goes perfectly with the main eBook guide.
ERS Video Course For Women

Video Course For Women

ERS Video Course For Men

Video Course For Men

Bonus #2 - The Secret Ex Code Video

  • You will be able to break into his/her mind unsuspectingly and read his/her most private thoughts. You will have a naked look into what he/she is really thinking and feeling.

Bonus #3 - The Facebook Magnet Effect

  • How do you communicate without communicating directly? You use the inbuilt tools within Facebook to send subliminal messages and do the seductive dirty work for you. This handy guide will show you how.

Bonus #4 - 7 Deadly Persuasion Secrets

  • Some of the most advanced and deadly secrets that will trigger his/her desires completely under the radar.
Complete ERS Package For Women

Complete ERS Package For Women

Complete ERS Package For Men

Complete ERS Package For Men


  • What I really liked about the Ex Recovery System is that Ashley Kay has obviously taken her time in dealing with men and women in a different way and taking care of their specific emotional needs while using this program.
  • It also delves deeply into the actual psychology involved in relationships so you’ll learn a lot from just studying the material Ashley presents you with and the eBook is so clear you’ll never find yourself getting lost.


  • What did bug me though is that the information for men and women is kinda muddled together so you have to skip over entire sections only dedicated to men and vice versa.
  • I also didn’t like the section about how to get your ex back even if they’re with somebody new – that’s a little bit seedy and I would never encourage anyone to try to break up what might be a perfectly happy couple.


All in all Ashley Kay has created something very unique in the Ex Recovery System. I feel it can definitely be of benefit to anyone struggling with the after-effects of a breakup and, of course, a desire to get back together with your ex.

  • Lizzy says:

    Broke up a month ago then he called me last Sunday.. Told him I’m doing great.. But after that he haven’t talked idk eat to do!!!

  • charles brown says:

    Hey I am currently going through a break up and she left me and moved 4 hours away. I just sent her the agreement letter through text so what next

  • Simon Dilling says:

    Hi. We broke up one a half month ago and wednesday I wrote her that I agree with her decision to break up and that I hope she survived the storm, that she’s having a good time plus that she soon will find a good and steady job. Today she wrote me back. A friendly standard message wishing the same things for me and that she’s glad that I’ve accepted the break up. What do I do now? What if she uses the same techniques that I use?

    • Ernesto says:

      You’ve said your piece and all you can do now is focus on yourself. If you really meant that letter, then you should be fine. I hope you didn’t write that letter to get some kind of response. That letter is meant more for you than her, it’s closure for you. If she cares about you at all, maybe in time she will contact, but I suggest don’t wait or chase. Good luck.

  • gretch says:

    Hello this is Gretchen, we broke up with my husband yesterday after he told me that he is having an affair and the girl is already pregnant…we are in a long distance relationshp. We are married for 2yrs but we don’t hve a child yet because before we are working in Taiwan and then we plan to work here in Canada but we are still far fron each other… pls i really need your help…I am in a shock right now I can’t figure it out what happen for our marraige knowing that before we come here in Canada we are so happy and inlove…the reason why we come here is to save and plan for our future…I can’t imagine we ended up this way. I did everythng just to make him back to me but it looks like he really wanted me to just move on and it hurt so bad…how can he dump our marraige and to be with that girl? But he texted me that he cant move on also…what is that?

  • Mark Edward says:

    Am having a big problem now i did not think of it. I screw op somanything because of what happen. She is seeing a guy and the guy told me that she want her body only and now when i told her that the new guy told me that she was angry at me and wont beleave me. What should i do now? I now understand but there is only one thing the she keep contacting me because I own her money and I dont wana give it back because if i give it back she will never contact me or maybe totaly leave me alone. I really need your help!

  • Mark Edward says:

    Please reply me here asap i feel like running out of time

  • Rob says:

    My wife is leaving me, after 19 years of marriage. Reasons like “I don’t love you anymore”. We have 2 kids:girl 6, boy 12.
    She has this female support group giving her great counseling on how get out a marriage. Anyway, she is about to move out this month into one our rental. Be meeting tonight to divide everything. I have not done a great job of dealing with this because it came from nowhere. We had our like any couple but I haven’t done anything wrong, except be there for her. Any suggestion are appreciated?

  • Pat says:

    Hi send her the breakup letter which you suggested about I agree with the break up and I wish you all a lot apologizing and her reply was well it’s all good now you get it what I do now

  • ella says:

    My ex and i broke up a year ago because i just know that he has a new girlfriend. But now we are now dating not telling me that he is still with his girlfriend (the girl which is the cause of our breakup before)so i assumed that they are not together anymore but we just caught yesterday and the girl keeps on calling me..i stiill do love him but i dont know if he really loves me or he loves her gf more than he loves me. What am i going to do? How will i know if he still loves me and how will i get him back?

  • Robert says:

    Hi. I am in a long distance relationship, and i haven’t seen my girl in real life for 3 month, but we are together for half a year than half not. Im an international student so i go to usa to study than i go home. But we were together for almost 2 years. So she told me when she broke up with me that she still loves me , but she dont see it is working and we are good for each other and that we are supposed to be together forever. so i should go back to usa soon like in 2-3 weeks for a year near her town, and i still have to pick up my stuff from her so i will see her. Than maybe i can try but dont want to ruin my only chance. I already tried the DONT text her back method, it kind of worked. She txted me with this : HI HOW ARE YOU ? So i guess she still cares. So what now ?

  • Anam says:

    Hi..!! Me and my ex broke up 5 months ago!
    Reason he gave was “Its not you , its me..” I tried everything to get him back! But he reacted like I’m an emotionless piece of waste! But this month I sent him the apology which u advised on your video of being ok with breakup.. and after that he started texting me friendly.. I behave in the same friendly manner.. But I’m not his friend and I want him to love me the way I love him!
    I’m really loyal and crazy about him but I’m helpless!! I need my love back.. I cant live properly without him!
    Plz help me!! Plz

  • Moon says:

    Hi.. Me and my ex we almost broken up for 5 month already but I still can’t get over him yet.. It’s really hard for me to get over him and I feel really hopeless because everytimes I text him he ignore my message and no reply at all .. I heard that he has another girl but he is not too sure if he love her truly when people asked him and I also heard that he flirt with other girls .. I feel like it is hopeless that he has no feeling for me at all and he’s long gone …he don’t talk to me at all after break up, I feel like he hate me because when my friend asked him about me he said that I want to push him down and I am so complicate 🙁 So can u give me advice please on how to get him back and miss me ???

  • beth says:

    How do I get this book in Kenya???

  • NAV says:

    Hey its Nav here. I had a great relationship with my ex. We broke up week ago. We met at my sisters marriage. Started talking and fall with each other and I asked her to be my valentine she said yes. So now this is what happened we was having long distance relation. She moved in with me after 4 months then she got really sick that she had to move back to her mom’s house because her mom is a Dr. After that I lost my job and was unemployed for almost an year but my family was taking care of my experiences. But frustration kept building. And one of her friend tried to hook her up with a guy. She told me that I said no contact with her. But she kept talking to her behind me. And then my parents told me to move to her city and start my studies. I find out before moving that she has been talking to that girl. So we had a huge fight and all my frustration came out on her unemployment then family problems as well. And she broke up with me. I kept calling texting tried everything to contact her. And the day I moved to her city. I was waiting for my friend to pick me up but I saw her walking from there totally forgot that she takes bus from there to go home. And I walked towards her and she said I have been stalking her. She need her personal space this and that. Next morning I wake up on a text from her mom saying nav you made her so upset. Her father is mad at you. She feeling bad to tell you that she have reported to police about this. So if you contact her it will be bad for you. From that time I haven’t made any contact to her. But I am worried I don’t want to loose her because of my mistakes. Will I ever get her back?

  • tod says:

    Hi my ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago. We have a son together, she told me that she cares about me she just doesn’t feel romantically about me anymore. When 3 weeks ago we were fine, we fought more after moving from our house to her parents to save money but it’s not working there.. I don’t know what to do? She has blocked me on Facebook and my phone number I can only text her to see my son and that is it .. I need help I need her back!

  • Jasmine says:

    Hey my name is Jasmine I need help I made a mistake I want my ex back Davontae Latimore I still love him but I also have faith in me and my ex what should I do and say
    I pray everyday. I still have a crush on him
    Help me

  • Amira says:

    Please help me. I broke up with my boyfriend 2 months ago with no contact. It is very complicated to express but I will try to explain. We have been together engaged for 2.5 years and then I dumped him for some reasons 11 days before our wedding. We stayed in contact for a while and after a year he was engaged to another girl and they stayed for a year together, then they broke up. During this year he was with the other girl. I was really shocked and totally broken and I went to another city and started a new job to forget about him but couldn’t. I had an accident a year later and everyone knows about it. While he was with the other girl (still engaged ), he contacted me to ask about me and came to see me and then two weeks later he broke up with the other girl. 3 months later he contacted me and said that he is still thinking about me and we started a new relationship. However, he was emotionally unavailable and distant. We stayed for 2 more years hot and cold but no sex included as it is forbidden in our culture before marriage. Finally he broke up with me telling me that he can’t commit and there is something wrong in our relationship and he can’t take a design of marriage. I agreed with him about the breakup and I was strong in front of him but in reality I’m so broken. Do you think it is hopeless situation or he may come back? I’m from Egypt that why my English is not perfect, so please excuse me. Please advice.
    Thanks a lot in advance

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