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Capture His Heart Review

Capture His Heart

The ratio of single women to single men seems to be rising every single day, which leaves most women out there with fewer dating opportunities than ever before. On top of that it means that there are more players on the scene now, so you have that emotional minefield to deal with too.

The product I'm going to review today is "Capture His Heart", by Claire Casey and Michael Fiore, which provides you with a blueprint to making the man of your dreams yours forever. If you've found your ideal man but you're struggling to make him yours then "Capture His Heart" is perfect for you, or if you had the man of your dreams in your life but broke up with him then this product still has answers to your questions.

In short "Capture His Heart" is designed to make this "perfect" guy not only fall in love with you but also want to stay with you forever. In fact he'll be so addicted to you that he can't even think about any other woman. If you're already familiar with Michael Fiore and you're wondering why he's writing a relationship product aimed at finding the ideal guy's because the techniques covered in "Capture His Heart" worked on him. Yes really! So if these same seduction techniques worked on one of the world's leading relationship experts then what hope would any average guy on the street have?

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About Claire Casey And Michael Fiore

Claire Casey

Claire Casey has been a writer her entire life and has dedicated a large part of her time to helping people connect the, sometimes complex, dots of a relationship. Claire is also the same woman who managed to convince Michael Fiore to be stop playing the field and commit to her instead.

Michael Fiore has made a name for himself as an insightful and helpful relationship expert, who is responsible for some of the bestselling relationship books and eBooks released over the last few years. A Seattle native, Michael is the brains and heart behind products like "Text The Romance Back" and "Text Your Ex Back", and he's also made several TV appearances, including the Rachael Ray show.

The "Capture His Heart" Program

As you're probably aware this product is an online program, which is made up of a mixture of text (PDF files), audio files and lots of helpful videos too. In each video Claire covers a different topic from a number of different modules, which includes the following:

Part 1: Unlocking His Head and Looking Inside

  • What makes men chase everything in a skirt, and how you can get them to chase you?

Part 2: Unleashing Your Inner Siren

  • How to be the most incredible, compelling woman in the room and attract the most potent men?

Part 3: Holy Sh1t, It’s Working! Now What?

  • Where did all these guys come from? How many can I have?

Part 4: Keep Him Panting at Your Feet... Forever!

  • Just the two of you, all snugged up close, not even aware of the most of the world.
CHH Product

There are 3 key steps to making the man of your dreams date, and then commit, to you:

  • Neediness Doesn’t Work - Throwing yourself at a guy never works – find out what works far better instead.
  • Plant The Seed - Men don’t really think about the future unless you actually help them along in their decision making.
  • Make Him Commit - Most men will happily sail along in a relationship without giving a second thought to any kind of commitment but once you plant the seed of commitment in his mind, and nurture it, then he’ll be the one trying to make you commit to a long term relationship.

What you’re getting in this package is everything you need to attract a man to you, get him to start the initial conversation and focus entirely on you, but you’ll also learn how to stop any losers or players becoming part of your life in the process.

You also get 3 great bonus products with “Capture His Heart”:

Dump Radar

Dump Radar

How to spot a break-up before it happens and how to fix it.

"Is He The One" Checklist

Is He the One Checklist

A quick checklist for sorting the men from the boys.

Magnetic Attraction

Magnetic Attraction

Learn exactly how to only attract "winners" into your life, instead of the string of losers you seem to attract like a magnet right now.


“Capture His Heart” is a great program created by two authorities in the world of relationships, with some great bonuses included too. The videos are quick and easy to digest and help you make informed choices for both existing and future relationships. If you’re sick and tired of dealing with one failed relationship after another then right now may be the perfect time for you to invest in the “Capture His Heart” program.

  • ♡♡ says:

    I just wanna ask u abt only 1 tip which will work If I wanna attract my guy towards me….so I can be confident to buy ur product

  • janie says:

    I’m desperate, I don’t have money to buy you course so can you please help me. I’m in love and he doesn’t like me like that he says but he acts like he does when I can lay down next to him, and he’s okay with that.

  • amra says:

    I am starting a relationship with this wonderful guy and I really love him but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship yet and not with me. He did it for the first time with me. I really want to know how to make him fall for me but I don’t have money and credit card only cash… can you please help me please I really need your advice… thank you.

  • fatima says:

    What makes you so sure that your books works on every man ???

  • Selma says:

    I am not sure if I actually bought this program or not….. Can someone please help me:(

  • Hosting says:

    The authors capture his heart book have helped several men and women improve on their relationships. It recognizes that women have a role to play in a successful long lasting relationship. By understanding themselves, women can learn how to develop new behaviors and habits, as well as avoid annoying behaviors that kill relationships or turn men away.

  • Ashleigh lathrom says:

    I’m a teenager who has been in love with the same boy since the first grade. We dated for almost 4 months but then he broke up with me and I don’t think he loves me anymore but I still love him and I still think he is my dream guy! What do I do?

  • Elizabeth says:

    I am love with my race driver Lucas Lamberies I trying to date him because I love him a lot

  • sexy b says:

    Hi I am in love wit someone but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship yet ,so how can I make him love me and commit to me only

  • Nikyla says:

    Hi I’m a teenager and I’ve been in so many relationships that were fake I feel like I’m unwanted and no one will ever want me please help

  • Nee says:

    Hello Michael & Clair, I have been in a off and on relationship with one man and I can’t seem to let go of him even though I know he is a liar a cheater A user. At times I will stop talking to him for a while but I always wind up right back with him and I know he’s no good for me I know he really doesn’t love me I need help I don’t know what to do

  • Loretta Stabler says:

    I’m so interested in this program

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